grease tanks

Tank Fabrication

  • Cylindrical Tanks
  • Rectangular Tanks
  • Stackable Tote Tanks
  • Tapered Bottom Grease Tanks
  • Bulk Oil Tanks
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Lubrication Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Drain/Containment Pans

material handling machine

Industrial Fabrication

Located in Superior Wisconsin, Barkers Welding has been in business for 32 years

We design and fabricate industrial steel, aluminum, and stainless steel products

Fabrications for Paper Mills, Logging Industry, Mines, Manufacturing Plants, Shipping Industries, Construction, and many others

aluminum bumper

Metal Repair

Repairing and rebuilding steel, aluminum, and stainless steel products of most any kind

Truck and trailer repair - such as fuel tank repair, splitting, customization - frame repair, box repair, fender repair, structural repair

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential repair - big and small jobs

Boss DXT Plow

Boss Plow Dealership

Barkers Welding has been installing and servicing Boss Plows for over 30 years.

  • Power-V XT and Power-V DXT
  • Straight Blade Plows
  • UTV / ATV Plows
  • Sanders / Spreaders

pattern cut plates

keyway in chrome shaft

CNC torch cutting

Welding and Fab

Welding of all types (Flux-Cored, GMAW, MIG, GTAW, SMAW, TIG, Submerged Arc) CNC Pattern Cutting, Shearing, Punching, Sawing, Forming, Drilling, Machining.

forming plate

drilling aluminum